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What kind a thing are you looking to make?

CGI Tabletop

We make food look tasty. We make tasty look beautiful.

3D Animation

We make the simple look epic, the cool even cooler, and the tasty even tastier.

2D Animation

We make the simplest illustration burst with life. But it's even better when "simple" turns into simply simply wow.

Pre Production

We take your thoughts and make them tangible - we make your ideas pop into existence.


VFX is magic in it's most visual form. And we make magic, VFX style.

  • Control things that physics won’t allow us to control
  • Crazy movements and camera angles that are almost impossible to achieve practically
  • Control reflections, movements and environments
  • Create products that don’t exist if you are in a development stages of the product
  • Can easily change flavor, color camera angle etc. of a product once an asset is created
  • Full control over color, shape, texture
  • Enhance real shot with CGI
  • Photogrametry and scan technology for achieving best level of realism
  • 10 years of working with the best brands in the beauty, food and beverage industry
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